Я устала тебя ждать

I am tired to wait for you

Declaration of the Love


 Я устала тебя ждать!

He has problems with His datings

Давай поженимся мы! Сразу! -

Let's marry! Immediately! Marry Me!

Маленькая страна -

Marvellous, fairy state (Romances)


I am tired just to wait,

Wait for you, you have to come in,

When it's rainy, all drops're running.

Through the glass I see your name.


It's composed from drops-tears.

They are tense with pain and singing,

Violin by spring's so stringing

When I donot see, can't hear


You, your voice. I think you die.

Now cold is knocked in glass,

I don't see the colors'f grass.

I can't wait more! I'm so tired!

Can't believe you died. Just tired?


August, 25, 2008, Almaty

Tasiya Meierhold


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